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Way of Choices

Author: Mao Ni

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Updated: 2021-10-01 21:05:08

Latest chapter: 1187 Afterword

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《Way of Choices》Latest chapter
1187 Afterword
1186 The Path of Concealed Divinity
1185 Journeying to the Sacred Light Continen
1184 What a Fine Autumn
1183 The Death of Black Robe
1182 One Sword Comes from the Heavens
1181 One Sword Rises from the Earth
1180 Her Answer
1179 Light, Falling on Your Face
1178 You Are the Lighthouse
1177 I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time
1176 We Exchanged Letters
《Way of Choices》' main text
1187 Afterword
1186 The Path of Concealed Divinity
1185 Journeying to the Sacred Light Continen
1184 What a Fine Autumn
1183 The Death of Black Robe
1182 One Sword Comes from the Heavens
1181 One Sword Rises from the Earth
1180 Her Answer
1179 Light, Falling on Your Face
1178 You Are the Lighthouse
1177 I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time
1176 We Exchanged Letters
1175 The Secret of the Stars
1174 The Origin of the Demon Race
1173 You've Los
1172 A Bright and Sunny Day
1171 Suddenly Turning My Head, I Find That Person Standing Under the Dim Ligh
1170 Who Are You?
1169 I'll Stop Here
1168 The Returned Prince Chen Liu and Him
1167 The Prince of Zhongshan's Choice
1166 The Troubles Encountered When Entering the City
1165 The Last Supper and Conversation
1164 When the General Is Abroad
1163 A Fire Burns in the Heart of Every Person
1162 The Swamp of Blood
1161 The Happy Tang Old Master
1160 How Deep Is the Deep, Deep Courtyard
1159 Where the Bright Moon Was Back Then
1158 The Elderly Youth
1157 The Fisherman by Xining Village's Stream Uses His Spear
1156 The Most Blessed Young Daoist Boy
1155 The Unaging Mountain in the Tide
1154 Fire Burning Sangharama Temple
1153 One Carriage, One Painting
1152 First Snow
1151 Infiltrating Xuelao City
1150 Tang Thirty-Six with an Unrelenting Fever
1149 Idly Listening to Falling Flowers While Sending a Sword
1148 The Straightforward You and Me, Him and Her on the Paper
1147 Preposterous Order
1146 Fighting the Demon Commander
1145 Wang Po Has Come
1144 The Heaven Shrouding Sword
1143 Bird Mountain Bright 1
1142 I Want to Go to Xuelao City
1141 Since We Have to Go Sooner or Later, Why Not Go Sooner?
1140 The Distant Horsehooves, the Songs of Grief
1139 Leaving Alive
1138 Respectful Praise
1137 Luoyang
1136 Xunyang
1135 Cong Province
1134 A Know-Nothing Parting
1133 The Twenty-Ninth Nigh
1132 The Death of My Mount Yanzhi
1131 The Unbridled Spear and Heartbreaking Arrow
1130 My Arrows
1129 Drawing the Sword and Sheathing the Sword
1128 Black Robe's Lethal Trap
1127 The Eight Great Mountain Men
1126 If You Were Chusu
1125 Everything Is Fake
1124 So It Was You
1123 The Most Authentic Clan of Sovereigns
1122 The Generation of Youths
1121 Let Everyone See
1120 Everything Regarding Chen Shengsheng
1119 The Meaning of This Figh
1118 Who Has Won?
1117 Shang Xingzhou Has Los
1116 Maple Forest Pavilion
1115 They're Everywhere
1114 Do You Dare Ask Where the Swords Are?
1113 When the Great Sun Comes, Who Can Be at Ease?
1112 The Nobleman Conceals Weapons on His Body and Waits for the Proper Time to Move
1111 6666
1110 A Broken Tree
1109 The Meaning of Choices
1108 A Strength Above Laws
1107 We've All Killed Before
1106 Meeting on the Path and Exchanging Hatred Through the Eyes
1105 Moving the Body Like a Sword ?
1104 An Agreement on Ten Years
1103 The Location of the Fight Is Suddenly Changed!
1102 Before the Figh
1101 You Don't Want to Try?
1100 A Koi of the Yellow River Quietly Sinking Down in the Dark Nigh
1099 People Are Most Frightened to See Naivete
1098 Let's Figh
1097 Why Don't You Die? ?
1096 Her Name
1095 The Prerequisite of All Things
1094 Chen Changsheng's Arrangements
1093 A Goose's Footprint in the Melting Snow
1092 The Silent Spring Day
1091 A Dragon Cry
1090 Three Divisions of Cavalry on the March
1089 Where the Dust Falls
1088 Where the Dust Rises
1087 Xu Yourong's Question
1086 She Can Do It, and So Can I
1085 Asking to Change the World
1084 Please Do Not Repeat the Story from That Nigh
1083 Blind Chess
1082 The First Person to Kill
1081 Held
1080 After Tha
1079 The Man Shang Blocks the Path
1078 A Great Spectacle
1077 The Once-More-Glimpsed Light of Morning
1076 The Once More Reunited World
1075 That Master and Disciple Who Just Won't Come Ou
1074 The Head of the Great Clan Who Has Shown Up
1073 The Fury of the Princes
1072 The Tile on the Corner of the Roof ?
1071 Everything Began from White Emperor City
1070 Everyone Is Here
1069 The Personnel Arrangements of the Li Palace
1068 A Fine Couple
1067 A Simple Mission
1066 A Good Person ?
1065 Your Hair's Disorderly
1064 Beyond the World and the Starry Sky
1063 An Ordinary and Trifling Matter
1062 Sugared Plums
1061 The Young Emperor
1060 His Holiness in the Sea of Ligh
1059 A Devil's Decision
1058 A Sage's Time
1057 The Return of the Pope
1056 The Declaration of the New Orthodox Academy
1055 Cutting Off the Hand II
1054 Cutting Off the Hand I
1053 The New Situation of the Orthodox Academy
1052 Returning to the Orthodox Academy
1051 A Very, Very Deep Place
1050 How Is This Good?
1049 She Says ?
1048 The Xu Estate of the Old Days
1047 The Spring Breeze Sends Warmth to Join in Killing Su
1046 Good People Should Kill Bad People
1045 Fierce the Cold Winds, Like Good Wine
1044 I See
1043 The Hearts of Emperors Are All Wind and Snow
1042 In White Emperor City, Clouds Rush Out the Gate II
1041 In White Emperor City, Clouds Rush Out the Gate I
1040 The Warmth After Death
1039 What Buddha Comes Now to Watch the Master Sleep
1038 Plucking a Sword
1037 Broken Feathers
1036 The Bronze Mirror Breaks, the Daoist Exits
1035 I Walked the Path You Used to Get Here
1034 The Unhurried Tiger
1033 A Chat Between Lovers in the Clouds
1032 Two Streaks of Fire Tearing Through the Sky
1031 The True Final Move
1030 The Great Light Comes
1029 Trying One's Sword II
1028 Trying One's Sword I
1027 The Stone Sculpture Opens Its Eyes
1026 Sacred Light Shines over the Black Sea?
1025 Right Before the Eyes, Millions of Lightyears Away
1024 A Crane Brings a Storm to Shatter the Darkness
1023 The Grand Array of the Li Palace
1022 We Wish to Invite You to Die
1021 Miscellaneous Freeloaders, a Willingness to Pay Five Hundred Years
1020 I Have Come to My City
1019 All Living Beings Are Suffering
1018 I Invite the White Emperor to See All Living Beings
1017 There Has Never Been Only One Truth
1016 The Will of the Li Palace
1015 The Orthodoxy's Staff Holder
1014 The Courtyard Surrounded in the Snow
1013 I Just Don't Want to Make That Judgmen
1012 A Thousand Years Later
1011 A Conversation with the World, a Negotiation with Oneself
1010 Straight, Difficul
1009 The Small White Flower Falling in the Hair, a Murderous Aura Gradually Spreading
1008 The Darkness in Front of the Imperial City Is Torn Open
1007 Using an Array to Break an Array
1006 Exist or Perish, the Bottom of the Well or Its Mouth?
1005 Go Die, Just Like You Lived
1004 Even if You Hear the Real Story, What Can You Do?
1003 The Death of Bie Yanghong
1002 The Face in the Bronze Mirror
1001 Walking to the End of the Mountain Cave and Hearing Bad News
1000 Before the Cold Answer
999 Before the Bizarre Storm
998 Meow
997 Lovers Prattle Beneath the Celestial Tree
996 Quietly
995 Only Understanding After Many Years
994 I Request My Lord to Kill Two People
993 A Sword Shines on the Shore of the Red River
992 I Use a Sea of Fire to Meet the Yellow Springs
991 The Young Lady Walking Up to the Small Courtyard
990 The Sword Is His Fate
989 One Person's South Stream Temple Sword Array
988 The Sword Descends into a Thousand Piles of Snow
987 Frosty Clouds and Collapsing Rocks
986 Sword Domain
985 The Pear Blossom Falls
984 Who Else Is There?
983 The Order of a Teacher Is Difficult to Defy
982 Hearing Your Voice
981 The Rivers and Mountains Are Truly Like a Painting
980 The Person in the Painting
979 In the Heavens Is a Capital of White Jade
978 A Temple of Xining Worries the World
977 Opening a New Chapter in History?
976 Xuelao City's Sincerity
975 All Alone, a Stranger in a Strange Land
974 The Stone Seal That Cannot Be Injured
973 The Lightning Tearing Open the Darkness
972 Before the Lonely Mountain
971 Before Dawn
970 Before Tomorrow
969 The Gradually Emerging Truth
968 The Anointment of Sacred Ligh
967 The Ancestral Spirits of the Demi-human Race
966 Burning the Heart with Fire II
965 Burning the Heart with Fire I
964 The Autumn Mountains, the Source of Trus
963 White, Vegetables
962 Different Kinds, of Red
961 Xuanyuan, Expose
960 If There Is a Task, Let the Student Undertake I
959 The Same Twilight Glow
958 Like a Rock
957 Another Punch
956 A Blade Faster than Sound
955 One Punch
954 With the Heavenly Thunder Concealed, Who Can Recognize It?
953 No One Knows of This Youth
952 The Young Man Wearing a Bamboo Ha
951 A Reason to Change
950 The Whole World Chooses
949 It's Precisely Because of So Many Affections That One Deceives Oneself
948 There Are Records of Herding the Clouds over the Sea
947 The Starry Sky Can Kill People, but Who Will Save Them?
946 The Young Man from the Demon Race
945 The Diplomatic Mission from the Great Western Continen
944 Meeting
943 The Iron Sword Is Still Here, the Face Has Never Changed
942 The First Chapter of the Battle Between the Divine
941 The Angel from the Other Continen
940 The Sight of a World Extinguished
939 The Wind Blows the Shadow of the Tree into the Shape of a Black Robe
938 Using a Mountain to Imprison a Dragon
937 Someone Is Breaking Through the Clouds, Descending with the Light of the Sun
936 One Temple Rules the World—Xining?
935 A Letter from Shang Xingzhou
934 Parting Is Only a Letter Away
933 The Ups and Downs, and the People of the Plains Are Just as Before
932 If You Want to Enter My Door, You Must Endure This Sword
931 The Last Lesson
930 Breaking Through the Sword Path
929 Su Li's Sword Path
928 Asking a Blind Man the Way, a Sword's Music in the Hear
927 Meeting Qiushan in a Great River of Myriad Swords
926 The Journey of Old Youths in Mount Li
925 The Reason Young People Live
924 Rain Will Fall Today, So It Is Forbidden to Be Married Off
923 Knowing Her Highness Through Watching Her Food
922 Seeing an Old Friend in a Small Tavern
921 Speaking of the Past in White Emperor City
920 Where Can the Rushing Blood Settle?
919 The Divine Matters of Eating, Drinking, Man and Woman
918 So Follow Our Hearts to Where They Are Comfortable
917 Thoughts Are Easy to Guard, but Not the Hear
916 The Incident in the Temple
915 Mutual Loathing
914 South of the Stream, Somebody Speaks
913 Dissolute as the Dispersing Clouds, a Response from the Fores
912 The Most Resolute Stance
911 Between Life and Death
910 Between East and Wes
909 Between Father and Son
908 Between the Divine
907 Between Three Seconds
906 The Flower's Weight upon the World
905 The Blade Descends, Blue Clothes Soaked
904 The Little Red Flower Leaves the String
903 What Should Have Severed All Connects Them
902 Together
901 Unity Sword Ar
900 Within the Great Light, the Phoenix Comes
899 The Hopeless Situation After Three Sword Techniques
898 The Breaker of the Array, an An
897 Give Up or Surrender?
896 To All the People of the World, I Am Roasting Fish by a Stream
895 The Sword Array of South Stream Temple!
894 Who Will Stand in Front of Him?
893 Condemnation
892 A Storm Descends upon the Mountain
891 This Is a Divine Edic
890 If You Ask Me, My Answer Is No
889 Does Anyone Object?
888 The Grand Ceremony Begins
887 Meeting Old Friends at the Summi
886 The Surging of the River Also Cannot Wash Away This Hatred
885 The Imperial Court's Diplomatic Mission Arrives
884 A Conversation That Will Be Recorded in the Annals of History
883 Closing the Temple
882 The White Crane Sends for Reinforcements
881 The Thatched Cottage's Huai Ren
880 The Reason for South Stream Temple's Chaos
879 Donation Money
878 South Stream Temple's Martial Grandaunt?
877 I Remember Well Those Beautiful Sights
876 Two Sides of the Stone Wall
875 Holy Maiden Peak in the Clouds
874 The Chronicle of the Mountain Gate
873 The Secret Sinking into the Depths of the River
872 I Will Wait for You in the Abyss
871 The Breeze over the River Is Cool
870 Part of a Sight That Others Can Only Watch from a Distance
869 I Can Stand a Little Higher
868 The Visible Trajectory of a Claw
867 A Porter Forged From Steel
866 Winter’s Wild Spear and Tea
865 A Prince Appears from the Rivers and Hills of the Generation
864 The Aroma of Tea Fills Both the Mountain and City
863 Parting Beneath the Peach Blossoms Outside the Nunnery
862 It's Pitch-Black on That Side
861 Before and After the Sun Sets Behind the Mountains
860 The Most Outstanding Prodigal Son
859 A New Mahjong Game
858 It's My Turn to Talk
857 Walking Out of the Ancestral Hall
856 Group Assaul
855 Assassination in the Ancestral Hall
854 A Sedan Chair Arrives Outside the City
853 Second Master Has Something to Say
852 In the Name of Convenience
851 The True Identities of the Two Old Guardians
850 A Zither-Playing Old Man
849 Five Kinds of Peerless Techniques
848 Seven Peddlers and Six Government Laborers
847 Torture Chamber
846 A Tong Cottage Set Ablaze
845 A Shout Throws the Snowstorm into Chaos
844 I'll Make the Ancestral Hall a Mahjong Den
843 The Unspeaking Person in the Ancestral Hall
842 Ah, Qiushan…
841 Taking Your Umbrella in the Snow
840 Standing in the Snow
839 A Cup of Tea
838 The Old Estate's Ancient Well, Pickled Vegetables and Porridge
837 That Generation of Elders
836 I Dearly Wish to See the Old Master
835 The Pope Comes to Visit the People of the Chief Branch
834 On a Sleepless Night, Nothing to Do but Follow the Water
833 The Sword's Tip Must Be Revealed
832 Assassination on the Shore of the Wenshui
831 The Water Grass at the Bottom of the Wenshui
830 Without My Permission, the Sun Cannot Set Behind the Mountains
829 What I Miss
828 A Prayer Ma
827 Ruthless Red
826 Discussing Punishmen
825 Like a Mountain! Like a Sea! Like a Banner!
824 The Palm Falls Toward the Stone
823 The Spring Breeze Enters the Old City
822 The Stamping of Hooves Disorders the Morning Ligh
821 Singing in the Night Inside and Outside the Daoist Church
820 The Myriad Golden Leaves of the Wenshui
819 The Great Western Continent's Ambitions
818 The Mysterious Expert from the Wes
817 A New Comrade
816 Everyone that You Treat and Save… Isn't Human
815 The Solitary Star Returns
814 How Deep Is the Affection of the People in the Courtyard?
813 Beneath the Ancient Scholar Tree, Have No Other Thoughts
812 He Comes from the Yellow Springs
811 Morning Light, Kitchen Fog, a Freak
810 One Cannot Sleep Well Lodging Amongst the Willows
809 The Rare Sight of an Autumn City in the Spring Wind
808 The Hard Journey
807 Array Yourselves Before Me
806 Come, Soldiers and Warriors
805 The Divine Edict Descends Like Thunder
804 Praising the Divine
803 Wildflowers Assault Mount Song
802 Spring Wind Greens the Two Shores
801 Yes, Your Holiness
800 Reunion in the Garden of Zhou
799 The Starry Sky and Girls II
798 The Starry Sky and Girls I
797 The World Is Infinite, So Never Stop, Whether Day or Nigh
796 Inviting the Lord Off the Mountain
795 Why Do Young People Laugh?
794 One Great General of Sloping Cliff
793 Naive and Imbecilic, Two Bowls of Soup
792 Meeting at the Mountain of the Blind
791 A Military Achievement Dropping from the Heavens
790 After Leaving
789 An Old Friend Comes In the Snow
788 The Peacock Flies Southeas
787 Born with an Illness
786 The Cry of the Surpassing Bird
785 Another Darkness
784 The Finger-Guessing Game Begins
783 A Simple Story
782 The Young Demon Lord, the Truth Behind the Mis
781 A Spot of Brightness Amongst the Black Mountain and White Waters
780 Astral Executioner
779 The Last Three Moves, Darkness, and Opening Eyes
778 Still Another Move
777 Behind the Three Thousand Swords
776 Deciding Without Negotiations
775 With the Stretch of a Hand, the World Dies
774 The Sigh of Frost Is of No Avail Against the Dark Sky
773 Sharp Words, How About Dragon Cries?
772 I Use My Blood to Save All Living Beings
771 A Demon Lord Since Time Immemorial
770 A Single Sigh, One Thousand Li of Mount Han
769 Heavy and Despairing Breathing
768 A Most Painstaking Method of Escape
767 The Silent Valley
766 The Mysterious Strum of the Zither
765 A Legendary Monolith
764 How Does One Conquer Demons?
763 A Massive Black Mountain
762 The Other Side of the Mountains
761 The Darkness Is Difficult to Disperse
760 Just Meeting Face to Face
759 Silently Killing in the Heavy Mis
758 The Broken Bridge Is Surrounded by People
757 In the End, Red Stew Is Still Just Mea
756 Green Plums and the Fire of a Stove
755 Nothing More Than Playing House II
754 Nothing More Than Playing House I
753 That Person
752 Blood Coral
751 Observations on the Medicine
750 Rare Produc
749 The Bloody Incident Caused by the Medicine
748 The Rules Laid Down by That Person
747 The Medicine's Significance
746 The Medicine's Name
745 Embers and Cold
744 The Bellowing and Disorderly Mountains
743 The Cruel and Disorderly Mountains
742 Let Us Go South
741 The Exiled Pope
740 The Sorrow of Those Chasing After the Sun
739 Better to Not Have Me
738 Concerning Dreams, and Praising Fate
737 Protector
736 So She Thought II
735 So She Thought I
734 The Black-Clothed Girl Walks Out of the Snow
733 The Darkest Shadow
732 A Battle of Wills between Master and Disciple
731 The Conversation in the Snowy Nigh
730 Redemption, and a New Legend
729 A Grand Inheritance
728 Coronation
727 Sailing the Boat with the Curren
726 The Imperial Decree Arrives in the Snow
725 The Avenue of Blood III
724 The Avenue of Blood II
723 The Avenue of Blood I
722 The Person in the World Who Understands You the Most Has Come
721 The Sunlight of the Courtyard Shines upon the Brewing Medicine by the Window
720 Netherworld II
719 Netherworld I
718 The Original Point of the Matter Is Still Killing
717 I Am Invincible Against Opponents of the Same Level
716 The Old Matter of Ten Thousand Swords
715 A New Chapter for the South
714 Two Kites II
713 Two Kites I
712 Always Forward, No Matter Where You Go
711 Forward, Forward
710 The Breaking of Wang Po II
709 The Breaking of Wang Po I
708 The Desire of a Metal Blade II
707 The Desire of a Metal Blade I
706 A Story about a City and a Blade II
705 A Story about a City and a Blade II
704 A Story about a City and a Blade I
703 Every Pursuit Has Its Specialty
702 The Fall of First Snow
701 Small Principles
700 A Great Personage
699 To Not Meet Again
698 Clouds without Intention
697 Wind with a Message
696 An Autumn with a Rain
695 A Blade with a Dao
694 Thoughts without Evil
693 An Announcement with a Person
692 To Die Without a Place
691 Intruding upon the Xue Estate
690 Digging a Hole
689 A Way to Live
688 True Person
687 Principle
686 The Living
685 Matters of Death
684 Inexplicable
683 A New Era
682 What One Thinks
681 Without Illness
680 A City Sealed
679 Feeling for the First Time
678 A Stone
677 A Problem
676 A Matter
675 A Friend
674 A Decree
673 An Academy
672 A Eunuch
671 A Cleaning Rag
670 Dawn
669 The Darkness Before Dawn
668 The Final Choice
667 A Battle of One Thousand Years
666 Autumn Slaying
665 The Kindness of a Single Meal
664 Marvel at the Changed World
663 One Leaf, One World
662 I Can Still Eat, No?
661 Three Saints United
660 Perhaps She Always Knew
659 The Li Palace Releases Ligh
658 Killing in a Single Breath
657 Journeying Back and Forth Across Ten Thousand Li Requires Only a Breath
656 White Moonligh
655 Her Gaze Is Far Away, at the Other Side
654 Even If My Choice is Wrong, My Gaze Decides the Arrangemen
653 The Grief and Song of Relatives and Others
652 The Entire World Rebels Against Tianhai
651 That in This World That is Most Impervious to Poison
650 Borrowing Imperial Blood, Descending from the Night into the Palace
649 Originally, You Were Nothing at All
648 True Words Like Blood
647 The Princes of the Chen Clan
646 The Awe-inspiring Great Array
645 Ten Thousand Li Away in the Span of Several Breaths
644 Stars Hang over Vast Open Plains
643 Crying Out at the Center of the World
642 At the Time, I Was Already Confused
641 We Simply Will No
640 The Monk by the Stream, the Daoist in the Rain
639 Two Imperial Designs Separated by One Thousand Years
638 A Map of the Capital
637 The Tang Second Master
636 Seventeen Rebellious Princes
635 Tonigh
634 The Second Squirrel
633 Mother and Son III
632 Mother and Son II
631 Mother and Son I
630 Yu Ren within the Mausoleum of Books
629 Pure or Turbid, Virtuous or Foolish, Who Decides?
628 Brothers
627 A Voice Comes from the Depths of the Darkness II
626 A Voice Comes from the Depths of the Darkness I
625 Killing Zhou The End of the First Season
624 Killing Zhou The Middle of the First Season Again
623 Killing Zhou The Middle of the First Season
622 Killing Zhou The Beginning of the First Season
621 Facing Death to Live II
620 Facing Death to Live I
619 The Cry of a Young Phoenix Is Just Clear, Nothing More
618 Breathing
617 The Reason for Eating You
616 The Meaning of 'I Want to Leave' II
615 The Meaning of 'I Want to Leave' I
614 Simply Kill Them All
613 How to Remove This Concern?
612 How to Spend the Rest of My Life?
611 Matters for Afterwards
610 The Downcas
609 According to My Will, I Choose to Die
608 Under the Starry Sky, There Is Nothing to Revere
607 You Are the Most Tempting Frui
606 Nothing but Darkness before the Eyes
605 Standing in the Ligh
604 Morning to Night, Together
603 Let Us Meet Again, Swift Carriage
602 Before Life and Death, a Conversation about Passion and Love
601 Several Thousand Wildfires
600 I Will Fight This Battle for Him III
599 I Will Fight This Battle for Him II
598 I Will Fight This Battle for Him I
597 The Heavenly Dao Cannot Be Defied
596 His Starry Sky Has Always Been There
595 The Star in the Dayligh
594 Wait for What?
593 Straight Sword
592 Letting Go
591 Today, the Starlight Is Glorious
590 The Mountain Gate of Mount Li II
589 The Mountain Gate of Mount Li I
588 There Is Also a Black Stone Here
587 The Minor Prelude to the Major Even
586 When He Resolved to Break Through, Old Friends Arrived
585 Not Everything Is Fabricated
584 Life Is Precisely Countless Multiple-Choice Questions II
583 Life Is Precisely Countless Multiple-Choice Questions I
582 Who Am I
581 To Peel or Not to Peel, That Is the Question
580 The Kind Words of the Elder of Heavenly Secrets
579 A Night like Candied Dates
578 This Way Is No Good
577 The True Crux of the Matter
576 How Did You Escape?
575 A Lake Many Years in the Future
574 The Meeting of Two Sovereigns
573 Wanderer
572 There Is a Tourist on the Mountain
571 Escaping into the Depths of Mount Han
570 There Is a Fish in Mount Han
569 The Entire World is Shocked
568 Chapter 564 - What Is Meant by Heavenly Secrets?
567 Chapter 563 - With the Arch of a Brow, the World Laments
566 Chapter 562 - At a Glance, Cold Snow Descends
565 Chapter 561 – Seeing a Middle-Aged Scholar, the Sky Turns Dark
564 Chapter 560 - The Disappointed Executor
563 Chapter 559 - The Abrupt Appearance of a Blue-Clothed Man
562 Chapter 558 - Virtuous, and also a Highwayman
561 Chapter 557 - In Front of Multitudes, the Peak is Lonely
560 Chapter 556 - The Boiling Stone Summi
559 Virtuous, and also a Highwayman
558 In Front of Multitudes, the Peak is Lonely
557 The Boiling Stone Summi
556 The Reason I'm Here Is for Blood and Wine
555 Vanished Names
554 Updates on Various Matters in the World
553 Life is Difficult to Bear…
552 Speaking of the Past in the Thirteen Mausoleums
551 Cultivating Together
550 Continuing Matters of the Past in Front of the Broken Monolith
549 A Date in the Mausoleum of Books
548 Rumors in the Capital
547 Who Will Come and Bestow upon You a Name and Surname
546 Ice and Snow Have Never Been Smar
545 The Confluence of the North and South and Beginning to Break the Array
544 This is the True Letter He Left for the World
543 An Ebony Hairpin
542 The True Objective of the Burning Heaven Sword
541 With the Snap of a Finger, the Powerful Enemy is Wiped Out by a Flying Sword of Ash
540 The Old Bullying the Young
539 The Greatest Crisis of the Orthodox Academy, She Has Come!
538 The Other Letter Sent to the Longevity Sec
537 The Setting Sun Amongst the Willows
536 The Letter Sent to the Myriad Willows Garden
535 An Old Daoist Nun Arrives in the Capital
534 Su Li's Letters
533 Returning the Umbrella and Asking for the Way Ou
532 At First Sigh
531 Caugh
530 Entering the Palace in the Snowy Nigh
529 I Hear That Your Home Doesn't Have a Plain
528 Chatting
527 Sitting across from Each Other, Gnawing on Ribs
526 Sharing the Umbrella Like Old Friends, No?
525 Raise Your Hand to Ask for Leave
524 A Date After Dusk
523 Acting Like a Fool
522 Mind Still in a Mess
521 Inseverable
520 The Intellectual Sword Slashes
519 Heaven and Earth
518 The Intimidating Radiance of Youth
517 Half a Bridge of Rain, Half a Bridge of Snow
516 A Great Avalanche
515 The Descent of Heavenly Music
514 All Things Indescribable
513 The Sights of the Bridge of Helplessness
512 The Compass of Fate
511 Her
510 An Appointment in Seven Days
509 The Bamboo Dragonfly on the Bookshelf
508 An Old Friend Comes with a Flurry of Snow
507 Returned Home, Yet Thinking About Eleven Streets Away
506 The Divine Empress's Teachings
505 The Holy Maiden Returns to the Capital
504 Life is the Pas
503 Understanding Only After Separation
502 The Past, Soaked and Rotted by the Passage of Time
501 I Will Gift You the Best There Is
500 The Li Palace Unties the Bell
499 Yesterday Once More at the Xu Estate
498 A String of Stone Pearls
497 No One is Within
496 Entering the Garden of Zhou Again
495 Leftover Tea Shatters the Crimson Gown
494 I Want to Have a Look at Your Face
493 Once More, I Meet You By the Pool
492 The Clear and Intense Cry of the Dragon
491 One Mountain to Examine One Person
490 Ranking the Sword
489 Viewing the Sword
488 Two Wildflowers Fill the Cliff III
487 Two Wildflowers Fill the Cliff II
486 Two Wildflowers Fill the Cliff I
485 The Ascetic Priest, The Youthful Master Teacher
484 The Orthodox Academy Walks into a New Era
483 Bie Yanghong's Position
482 The Unexpected Transfer Studen
481 Sword Techniques Originate from the Mouth IV
480 Sword Techniques Originate from the Mouth III
479 Sword Techniques Originate from the Mouth II
478 Sword Techniques Originate from the Mouth I
477 The Storm of Enrolling Students V
476 The Storm of Enrolling Students IV
475 The Storm of Enrolling Students III
474 The Storm of Enrolling Students II
473 The Storm of Enrolling Students I
472 A Farce?
471 The Orthodox Academy's Big Even
470 Those Stricken by the Sorrow of Parting
469 The Most Precious Gift in the World
468 The Bloody Incident Caused by a Plate of Blue Lobster
467 The One Who Blocks the Path Dies
466 The Encounter at Clear Lake Restauran
465 The Three Heroes of the Orthodox Academy
464 This Summer, Let's Watch the Orthodox Academy
463 Three Swords Break the Divine Armor
462 The Start of the Drowning
461 He Stands Amidst the Flowers
460 What's the Situation?
459 Help Me Return This Umbrella To Him
458 Those Things Which You Know Nothing Abou
457 Two Perspectives
456 The Yue Maiden
455 The Story of Bear Cubs and Swords
454 Stopping and Driving the Carriage, Speaking of Money and Offering a Sword
453 The Heavenly Dao Flows Wes
452 The Youth and Time
451 The Small Ones Beneath the Crimson Official's Gown
450 How Could the Chirping of Cicadas Possibly Be Quiet?
449 I Came To Pick Somebody Up
448 The Remnants of the Crabapple Blossoms Are Like Blood
447 Where Is the Carriage Going?
446 The Sword Is Like the Person II
445 The Sword Is Like the Person I
444 A Clumsy Swordsman
443 The Orthodox Academy's First Battle
442 The Bell Rings Out the Call to Return Home
441 Be Optimistic About That Plum Blossom For Many Years
440 Eating, Drinking, Whoring, Gambling; Being Born, Growing Old, Getting Sick, and Dying
439 Principal Chen Who Wants To Get Involved In Everything
438 Regardless If It’s Autumn Wind or Spring Wind, Let's Hit Some Trees
437 Koi, Sinking into the Pool, and the Brilliance of a Metal Blade
436 What Are We Discussing Together?
435 The Stick of the Orthodox Academy
434 The Sun in the Spring Rain
433 No Man At the Ferry, the Mausoleum Opens On Its Own
432 It Will Only Be Overcast for Two or Three Days
431 Morning Rain
430 Darkness
429 Granting Shining Ligh
428 The Plum Blossoms Bloom in Every Season, But the Fruit of Autumn Descends
427 Paying Respects to the Pope
426 Returning to the Capital Amidst Life and Death
425 The Setting Sun Is Not Usually Seen in the Early Morning
424 A Chat about Life in the Sunse
423 You Are Chen Changsheng?
422 The Holy Maiden of the South
421 A Friend Coming From the South
420 The Blade That Did Not Fall
419 The Ten Thousand Swords Which This Youthful Teen Fortuitously Encountered
418 The Strike That Is the Sum of the Assassin's Life
417 Xunyang City's First Answer
416 Mediocre Saints
415 Father and Son III
414 Father and Son II
413 Father and Son I
412 Where are the Disciples of Mount Li?
411 Still That Qiushan III
410 Still That Qiushan II
409 Still That Qiushan I
408 Chaos for Two Women II
407 Chaos for Two Women I
406 Mount Li in Chaos
405 A Sword About to Wake Up
404 To Have the Capability Does Not Mean One is Useful
403 The Night Within His Fingers
402 The Final Move II
401 The Final Move I
400 Taking Out the Sword II
399 Taking Out the Sword I
398 The Metal Blade Shocks the Storm II
397 The Metal Blade Shocks the Storm I
396 Three Pines II
395 Three Pines I
394 A Storm Blockades the City
393 What a Fine Wang Po of Tianliang II
392 What a Fine Wang Po of Tianliang I
391 The Song Ends, the Blade Appears
390 The Meanings of Our Lives II
389 The Meanings of Our Lives I
388 The Stupid Boy's Stupid Sword
387 Somebody Came Riding on a Kite
386 There are Times When To Save Someone, You Have to Learn How to Kill Someone
385 The Start of a Grand Banque
384 Straightforward Liang Wangsun
383 There are Troubles Everywhere in the World
382 The Spring Radiance of Xunyang City
381 Blaze, My Sword Part Two
380 Blaze, My Sword Part One
379 A New Sword Style
378 Wise Words after Alcohol
377 Seven Strikes of the Sword, Six Taps of the Umbrella
376 A Simple Youth
375 The Dagger Enters the Dancing Dress, Blood Droplet Falls from the Ear Lobe
374 Polishing the Sword Before the Battle Part Two
373 Polishing the Sword Before the Battle Part One
372 Intellectual Sword Part Two
371 Intellectual Sword Part One
370 A Conversation Between Two Geniuses
369 Zhou Tong Will Know What Liu Qing Did
368 Su Li’s Gaze Part Three
367 Su Li’s Gaze Part Two
366 Su Li's Gaze Part One
365 The Killing Divine General
364 Full, time Teaching Part Four
363 Full, time Teaching Part Three
362 Full, time Teaching Part Two
361 Full, time Teaching Part One
360 A Lion Keeping Watch on the Night and its Attendan
359 Striding Through the Snowy Plains
358 One Dies Part Two
357 One Dies Part One
356 For Reasons of Sorrow
355 Waiting for a Person
354 A Senior and Junior in the Snow
353 The God and Human by the Hot Spring
352 The Junior Martial Uncle of Mount Li that Makes Others Speechless
351 Ten Thousand Li with One Sword
350 Journeying Thousands of Li to Deliver a Sword
349 From the Garden of Zhou to the Snowy Plains
348 If the Sky is Collapsing, Someone Must Hold it Up
347 The Past of Monoliths and Swords
346 The Missing Black Rock
345 The Pheasant in Dire Straits
344 Where Does the Rainbow Come From?
343 The Lost Stone Monoliths and the Powerless Girl
342 The Genuine Relics of the Garden of Zhou
341 The Blue Sky
340 Fusing as One
339 Ten Thousand Swords Form a Dragon
338 True Inheritance
337 The Brightest Star in the Night Sky
336 The Golden, Winged Great Peng Appears
335 The Swords Flying in the Grassland were like Mount Li
334 Ten Thousand Swords Form an Army
333 A Monster Like a Mountain
332 Old Swords and the Teenager Part Three
331 Old Swords and the Teenager Part Two
330 Old Swords and the Teenager Part One
329 Mountain Sea Sword
328 A Very Heavy Sword
327 The Outstandingness of a Renowned Sword
326 Return Part Two
325 Return Part One
324 The High, Spirited Second Move
323 The Appearance of a Sword Inten
322 There is a Rainbow Rising Over the Plains
321 Hitting the Wris
320 Exchanging Intentions by Brushing Away Snow
319 The Chilling First Move
318 Facing It Together
317 Learning the Blade
316 The Birth of a Miracle
315 Secret of the Black Coffin
314 The Key of the Black Coffin
313 The Unwantable Woman, the Shameless Man
312 A Conversation Before the Abyss, a Person Whose Heart is Moved
311 Two Kids, in Desperate Straits Again
310 Mine are yours, and yours are still mine
309 I Offer My Blood To This Girl
308 I May be Your Fate
307 Waiting for the Arrival of Fate
306 The Treasures Which He Searched Through
305 That Man’s Mausoleum
304 Passing Through the Four Seasons, Thus Seeing the Mausoleum
303 Questions in the Breeze
302 The Children’s Conversation in the Snow and Argumen
301 The Geniuses’ Conversation at Night and Pursui
300 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Twelve
299 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Eleven
298 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Ten
297 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Nine
296 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Eigh
295 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Seven
294 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Six
293 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Five
292 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Four
291 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Three
290 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part Two
289 If Life Could Be Like the Moment When We First Met Part One
288 The Black Frost Qi of the Snow Mountain Sect, a Slap on the Face, and Poison in the Blood
287 His Hand which Passed Through Her Black Hair
286 Cultivating the Dao Has Always Been Unpleasan
285 I Want Your…
284 Dirty Face, Frosty Hair
283 Even If They Met, They Would not Recognize Each Other
282 Flying Wing to Wing
281 Meeting in the Night Sky
280 The Sword Calls
279 Wolf Howl
278 The Cry of a Phoenix
277 Death of the Phoenix
276 Blood Battle to the End
275 Wutong
274 Shooting Stars
273 Bits of Grass
272 Past and Present Fate Part Three
271 Past and Present Fate Part Two
270 Past and Present Fate Part One
269 Falling Into the Setting Sun's Reflection
268 Wings of Ligh
267 Those Who Will Not Walk into the Dark Nigh
266 Wolf Charge
265 A Courageous Path
264 Understanding People
263 The Sword that Breaks the Hear
262 The Invisible Wing
261 The Heavenly Principle of ‘Demons Eat Humans, Humans Eat Dragons’
260 You Carry the Pole and I'll Carry the Pot Husband and Wife
259 A Green Greener Than the Lake Water
258 Over There is a Lake
257 In the Pool, Sword Inten
256 The Sob of the Zither Causes a Man to Die
255 Two Field Doctors Part Three
254 Two Field Doctors Part Two
253 Two Field Doctors Part One
252 The Green Smoke Gives Warning
251 Going Upstream... Part Two
250 Going Upstream… Part One
249 Small, Small Su
248 The Arrival of Rain Warrants an Umbrella
247 Outside the Garden of Zhou, a Storm Comes Part Three
246 Outside the Garden of Zhou, a Storm Comes Part Two
245 Outside the Garden of Zhou, a Storm Comes Part One
244 The Yellow Paper Umbrella
243 Journeying Together
242 The Big Rat in the Pile of Junk
241 Different Souls
240 The Cinnabar Birthmark Between Her Eyebrows Part Two
239 The Cinnabar Birthmark Between Her Eyebrows Part One
238 The Young Principal
237 Successor
236 Paying Respects to the Pope
235 In Spring I Sleep, Unaware of the Dawn
234 Leaving the Mausoleum
233 The Grand Display of Fireworks Makes a Nightless Day
232 The Enigmatic Black Stone, the Perfect Starry Sky
231 Tonight, the Stars Are Brillian
230 Seeing the Truth for the First Time
229 Thus We Shall Perceive Them Part Two
228 Thus We Shall Perceive Them Part One
227 The Broken Monolith
226 Comprehending all the Monoliths of the Front Mausoleum in One Day
225 The Cry of the Goose Part Two
224 The Cry of the Goose Part One
223 The Teenager who Embraced the Monolith
222 The Gate of Myriad Wonders
221 The First to Comprehend the Monolith
220 How Much Do You Know About the Past? Part Two
219 How Much Do You Know About the Past? Part One
218 Viewing the Monoliths in the Night by Lantern Light Part Three
217 Viewing the Monoliths in the Night by Lantern Light Part Two
216 Viewing the Monoliths in the Night by Lantern Light Part One
215 The Thin Notebook that Tempts People
214 A Myriad of Monolith Comprehension Methods Part Three
213 A Myriad of Monolith Comprehension Methods Part Two
212 A Myriad of Monolith Comprehension Methods Part One
211 The Reflecting Monolith
210 Viewing the Monoliths at Dawn
209 Thank You and You’re Welcome
208 The Battle Amidst the Snowstorm
207 Intruding upon the Divine Path
206 Going South of the Mausoleum
205 Wang Po of Tianliang
204 Treading Xun Mei
203 Tide Rush of Blood
202 The Two Teenagers on Either Side of the Wattled Fencing
201 Touris
200 Mausoleum Guardian
199 Mausoleum of Books
198 Unexpected Apathy
197 The Eight Storms of the Cardinal Directions Rising from the Black Rock
196 There is No Such Thing as Fate
195 The Scholar Entering the Capital for His Imperial Examinations
194 Once upon a Time… There were Three People Part Two
193 Once upon a Time… There were Three People Part One
192 The Box of Fate
191 The Gleam of Light within History
190 The Eighth Portrait in the Lingyan Pavilion
189 Ascending the Steps
188 The Beautiful Lady of the Xu Clan, General Zhou's1 Old Garden
187 The One Who Opened the Garden
186 Family Dinner
185 Matters of the Pas
184 Only by Lowering Your Head Can You Bear this Crown
183 Before Thousands in the Space of a Single Nigh
182 The Academy Gate Repaired
181 Take Care, First Rank
180 The Glow of Sunset, But Also Dawn
179 Leaning on a Wall, Breaking the Pas
178 A Secret Sword
177 He Was Always at Ethereal Opening
176 Ethereal Opening in a Glance
175 Seeing a Lake and Mountain Upon Closing One's Eyes
174 The Tranquility Before the Downpour
173 The Snowy Plains Ablaze Once More
172 The Three Strikes of the Fisherman's Song
171 All The Powers Wait For This Battle
170 The Rankings of the Literary Test and a Stick Climbing Mountains
169 Fighting Out One's Own Price
168 Two Long Battles
167 This Is Also Okay
166 Carrying Shoes
165 Toppling Mountains
164 A Bout of Fresh Rain Washes Away Old Dus
163 Blazing
162 With Eyes Closed and Unseeing, a Hundred Swords Emerge
161 A Simple Sword Technique
160 Then Let's Do It This Way
159 The Solitary Star Heaven's Curse1
158 Just Up to Here
157 The Winning Streaks of Two Youths
156 Normal
155 And Winning
154 Not Fighting
153 The Barefoot Boy, the Determined Girl
152 The Sky
151 Bathing in Blood, Drawing a Sword, Leaping on Clouds, Pulling at Beards
150 Clumsily Forward
149 The Cliff's Edge
148 Utterly Surprised
147 Discussing Swords
146 Drawing Lots
145 Just What Did You Do in Your Past Life?
144 The First Battle
143 The Advancing Fis
142 No One Troubles the People Standing by the Fores
141 The Unseen Battle
140 The Wolf Youth
139 Riding a Crane to the Southern Shore
138 The Shallow River
137 Holding Hands
136 Like Walking on Thin Ice
135 Listening to the Waves of the Sea of Trees II
134 Listening to the Waves of the Sea of Trees I
133 The Dallying Fores
132 The Last Two to Hand in Their Exams
131 The Literary Test Begins
130 The Youths Before the Rising Sun
129 Ten Thousand Strings of Cash Wrapped Around the Waist II
128 Ten Thousand Strings of Cash Wrapped Around the Waist I
127 Wondrous Changes
126 Red Makeup
125 Stainless
124 Blazing Plains
123 I Really Do Want to Live Another Five Hundred Years
122 The Dragon's Worries
121 New North Bridge
120 Riddle
119 Starlight Between the Fingers II
118 Starlight Between the Fingers I
117 Declaration
116 The Top Ten
115 The Proclamation of Azure Sky has New Entrants III
114 The Proclamation of Azure Sky has New Entrants II
113 The Proclamation of Azure Sky has New Entrants I
112 The Pope
111 Teachings
110 Reunion
109 One Flower, One World
108 A War of Words
107 Crossing the Divine Avenue
106 Going to the Li Palace
105 Thinking of a Person
104 Falling in Love with Your Bed
103 Contemplating the Present on the Dew Platform
102 Reminiscing on the Past in the Hundred Herb Garden
101 The Generation of Wildflowers Blooming Across the Mountain and Fields
100 Cultivation Is Above Life and Death
99 Listen to the Empress
98 The Bloody Case of the Bureau and the Academy in the Autumn Rain
97 Fighting a Capital III
96 Fighting a Capital II
95 Fighting a Capital I
94 Blame It on the Autumn Rain
93 A Gatekeeper, a Conversation, and the Person in the Bed
92 The Academy Gate and the Hearts of the People
91 Faster, Tougher, Stronger
90 Breaking the Curtain of the Rain
89 The Counterattack of the Youths from the Orthodox Academy
88 Destroying the Academy III
87 Destroying the Academy II
86 Destroying the Academy I
85 A Conversation in the Nigh
84 Carriages in the Nigh
83 The Resounding Crack of a Whip
82 Luoluo's Sword
81 A Battle That Will Immediately Go Down in History?
80 From the Wilderness to the Temple
79 Donglin's Remote County and Its Seven Stars
78 Telling a Story in Four and Nine City
77 Pretty Good Youths
76 Collapsing the Clouds into Disarray
75 The Swords of Youths
74 Difficult to Satisfy
73 Please Grant Us Your Instruction
72 The Fourth Person
71 There Is a Youth
70 The White Emperor as Surname II
69 The White Emperor as Surname I
68 The White Crane as Proof II
67 The White Crane as Proof I
66 She is My Fiancée
65 Ask the World
64 Coincidentally
63 Zhizhi
62 Please Let Me Say to You a Single Word
61 Pushing Through the Palace and Entering
60 A Youth's Soliloquy Before a Great Black Dragon
59 Charging Alone into the Dragon Pond
58 The Prisoner of Tong Palace
57 A Question of Fairness
56 A Question of Character
55 A Spring Breeze Comes out of the Darkness
54 Within Weiyang Palace
53 Attending the Feas
52 Somewhat Messy
51 Copper Needles
50 Teaching Stick
49 Atop the Banyan Tree
48 Silhouettes and Green Oranges
47 Mao Qiuyu
46 Tigers Stirring Storms
45 My Name Is Luoluo
44 The Little Monster of the Temple Seminary
43 Laughter
42 Zhuang Huanyu
41 The First Nigh
40 From the Hundred Herb Garden to the Orthodox Academy
39 Instructing
38 The First Lesson
37 Thank You
36 Pervert? Piece of Trash?
35 Acknowledging a Teacher II
34 Acknowledging a Teacher I
33 Teacher, Just Accept Me
32 When the Sky Was Falling, He Stood Before Her
31 Old Books in Exchange for a New Day
30 One Remark Startles the Wind and Rain
29 Climbing over the Wall and Seeing a Black Robe
28 Already Many Years
27 Accumulation
26 The Dew Platform and the Hundred Herb Garden
25 Myriad Stars, Only One Can Be Chosen
24 The Sea of Stars
23 Just This Simple
22 Reading Method
21 The First Page
20 The Orthodox Academy's New Student III
19 The Orthodox Academy's New Student II
18 The Orthodox Academy's New Student I
17 A Single Academy
16 A Black Goa
15 Xu Yourong
14 A Friend That Makes Others Speechless II
13 A Friend That Makes Others Speechless I
12 These Two Kids
11 What Day Will I Soar Up to the Azure Sky?
10 Did I Do Something Wrong?
9 Seizing the Stars
8 The Meeting of Chen and Tang
7 Joy Upon Opening the Book
6 The Blue-Clothed Youth Thirty-Six
5 Heavenly Dao Academy
4 This Is a Crude Name, But It Is My Name
3 Why?
2 I Changed My Mind
1 Prologue – Descending the Mountain