JVenior Embrace the Ether
To burn away the old, rebuilding it anew. Countless years ago, a terrible war came for the ancient Primordials, casting down their once believed immovable dominance and securing the rise of a new empire. The Ether was fractured, broken into numerous pieces as peace was hard-fought. Thrown into this new hectic land, Deus must come to wield an unexplained power, one that threatens both...
PinkBlack26 Goku Another Path
repentant male reborn as son of goku, see his adventure to bring earth to be a place where you never fear a threat credit for book cover: "Dragonball Z" by Bosmitze
Shinoera Some Sexual Energy, please
A young man is voluntarily sent to a parallel world. However, not everything is going as planned, reappearing in the body of a person who has just been his throat cut is not the best feeling. Moreover, after the crossing of the dimensions that his soul did to come in this world, some demons clung to him, wanting to steal the body that the boy was going to take. But even for demons, not everything...

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