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Chapter 1825 “Gu Lao’s Death (1)”

“I will decide upon Gu Ya’s fate once I investigate her involvement. You do not get to dictate my decision.” Heavenly’s daggering glare now got menacing as the threatening aura seeped forward: “If I find out she’s the one behind all this, she will not be spared regardless of what she’s done for me.”

Gu Lao’s body shook, his old face going ghostly white as he crumbled to the floor in a paralyzed state.

If Milady really did make a mistake, the monarch wouldn’t let her go for sure based on his character….

“Yan Yan, let me carry out his execution.” Heavenly went over and pats his daughter on the shoulder, that voice no longer violent and cruel: “I don’t want his filthy blood dirtying your hands….”

Facing that gaze beside herself, Bai Yan slightly nods her head in understanding. She understood this was her father’s way of trying to redeem himself. “Alright.”


The moment Heavenly raised his hand, a random longsword promptly flew into his hands from the ground. Power gushed forward from his body, causing all of the greenery and trees to sway under his might. He’s a true death G.o.d right now, even the air around him was starting to distort due to the strength he released.

Gu Lao’s did not get to utter another word afterwards. Right when the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d opened his mouth, the sword had already pierced through his chest and into his heart, causing the blood to spray outwards like a fountain.

Looking back at this moment, the old fanatic truly regretted his own decisions. If he had known things would turn out this way, he never would’ve chosen this route. It’s one thing if he died alone, but it’s very likely Gu Ya would be dragged into the mess too. For that reason, he couldn’t close his eyes even in death. Worst of all, that blasted pipsqueak still lives!

If only, if only I had moved a bit faster, then I would’ve taken her head and achieved my goal atleast!

“Second Elder, I will remember your efforts in protecting my granddaughter.” Heavenly says after pulling the blade out of the now dead perpetrator’s flesh. He didn’t forget the dreadful state b.u.t.terfly was in when he came out.

“Monarch, this is what I’m supposed to do, there’s nothing to remember for.”

“Whether it’s right or not, I’ll remember regardless.” Caressing the little pipsqueak’s hair, Heavenly’s face was all smiles: “As for you Sweetie, you can’t call me grandpapa anymore, you got to start calling me grandfather instead, understand?”

The pipsqueak appears all dull in her expression due to not figuring out the reasoning for that request.

How did Grandpapa become Grandfather?

And become Mother’s father too?

“You’re really… my grandfather?” Tilting her head, the pipsqueak still didn’t quite believe it.

But if he’s not Grandfather then why would Mother be so anxious that day? She even entrusted me to the elders in order to go into the ruins to save him….

“As authentic as ever.” Heavenly grins with those pampering eyes.

“I and this little la.s.s really is fated, no wonder the first time I saw her I would feel so close and want to kidnap her home. Turns out she’s my actual granddaughter….”

Funny part was that he had intended to get Xiachen the steambun to come kidnap her home if he couldn’t. Turns out they’re siblings!

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